Find and Fix




Based on the findings of our auditing process, we can accurately identify areas for improvements in energy efficiency in your workspace. Our findings may encompass rate negotiation, meter reclassification and power factor correction of your retail supply; remedial maintenance and repair of plant and equipment; equipment  recalibration, consumption practice procedural change and replacement of inefficient equipment. Further, we may recommend the installation of a Solar PV system, LED lighting, window tinting, building insulation and door and window seals.


How Low Can You Go?


Chances are your rate could be much lower than you’re paying. An analysis of your current retail billing may also indicate potential for Power Factor Correction and meter reclassification to get you off demand charges if possible

The True Cost Of Your Equipment


A leaking fridge door seal can add significantly to the running cost just as poor insulation can adversely affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling. Thermo imaging in conjunction with drone footage can identify areas which affect the optimum running of your
plant and equipment as well as faulty wiring and potential costly hazards.

Maximising Efficiency Potential 

Reducing energy expenditure can incorporate solutions as simple as switching equipment off when it doesn’t need to be on. There may also be areas where equipment can be calibrated to maximise savings obtained during off-peak periods or daytime consumption if
a Solar PV system is installed.

Your Efficiency Solution

We offer a unique three step process
to maximise your energy efficiency