Analysis and Audit



Energy Efficiency Analysis encompasses many areas of your business. To identify areas of potential improvement requires in depth analysis of billing and consumption, plant and equipment and practical practices.

We utilise accurate data analysis software platforms in conjunction with high-tech equipment and expert observation to identify areas for energy efficiency improvement in your business.


Usage and Billing Data Analysis


An in-depth analysis of interval data, usage patterns, current billing and charges allows us to obtain a clear indication of when and where your energy expenditure occurs. Utilising this data, we can see if and when you are paying too much for retail energy and  assess your potential to improve.

Plant and Equipment


Utilising Thermo Imaging, Drone Footage and expert observation, we make a thorough assessment of your plant and equipment. Our technology identifies wiring hotspots, cooling and heating seepage, outdated energy draining equipment and where your losses are occurring.

Procedural Practices


An investigation of workplace energy consumption practices can help identify areas for improvement. It encompasses equipment  calibration, demand spikes and equipment operation. Equipment may be running continuously or at the wrong times to maximise the benefit of your energy expenditure.

Your Efficiency Solution

We offer a unique three step process
to maximise your energy efficiency